Greg Kimura


Greg Kimura's  poems are filled with what Oscar Wilde calls the “tainted glory” of humanity. He unlocks the cupboards, unzips his heart,  peers lovingly at desire, family and death and gives voice to what is utterly human. Cargo delivers.
            —Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With Heart

Greg Kimura's Cargo comes to us bearing a full freight of dailiness: love, work, kids, heartache, wonder, humor and all the other necessary baggage for a full life.  Intimate and richly textured, these poems open up to reveal the drama in a family wedding, a morning commute, a human yearning to give all that we have to give to this world while we can.  Kimura taps into the desire of every man and woman to belong, to matter, to connect, and reveals the riches that can be found inside that universal human longing. 
Alison Luterman, author of The Largest Possible Life and See How We Almost Fly

Excerpts from Cargo:
Cargo (for Malidoma Somé)
The 1001st Kiss (How Men Love)
Ode to My Wife Who Mows Lawns
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